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    Stainless Steel Airsoft GBB Triple Gas Valve Key


    • CNC machined aluminum center block
    • Large GBB valve keys made from SUS303 stainless steel
    • Small pistol valve key made from high strength SUS304 stainless steel for improved durability
    • Compact size fits into any size tool kit
    • Great tool to have on you when out at a game
    Precision Stainless Steel Airsoft GBB Triple Gas Valve Key is an essential tool for anyone who wishes to replace, repair, or service their Airsoft GBB pistol and rifle gas valves. The compact size makes this tool perfect to throw into your toolkit, gun bag, or even your pocket. The two larger rifle gas valve key arms are made from high strength SUS303 stainless steel for rigidity while the smaller pistol valve key is made from SUS304 stainless steel for even better durability; a welcomed improvement over other brand valve keys.

    This is the top of the line valve key in terms of performance, functionality, portability, and construction.

    Compatibility: Works with WE, KSC, TM, KJW, KWA, Western Arms, HFC, Maruzen, BELL, WELL, Socom Gear and majority of gas valves in the world of Airsoft

    Material: Stainless Steel Keys, CNC Aluminum Center

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