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Parents 101

How old do you have to be to play?

We accept players as young as 13 years of age. Children as young as 9 may play if accompanied by their parent. (Yes, this means you would be playing too.)

What kind of environment will my child be playing in?

Our field has a walk on environment which means your child will be playing with other players ranging anywhere from 13 to 50+ years of age.

What's the difference between Paintball and Airsoft?

Paintball guns shoot paint filled capsules. Paintballs break, leaving a mark which washes off clothes. The balls sometimes break in the barrel, which messes up the gun for further shooting until you clean the barrel out. The field is usually very oily and slippery. The ammo typically costs an average of 60 dollars for 2000 rounds.

Airsoft guns use plastic BB’s and are generally realistic looking (for example, you can buy Airsoft guns that look just like an M16). It is hard to tell whether or not someone was shot with an airsoft gun though, because the rounds do not leave any marks. Average cost of ammo is about $20 for 4000 rounds. The field is always clean and players do not have to bring a change of clothes.

What kind of games will my child be playing and how long will they last?

The games that we play here are mostly objective based games. For example, raise the flag or push the bomb. We have a variety of games to keep your child entertained. Because the games are objective based there really is no time per game. So game times vary according to player skill, on average games last 15-20 minutes each.

Is it safe to play? Does it hurt?

Airsoft is safe when played in the correct environment. As a field we take every safeguard to ensure your child is properly briefed with our safety rules. If your child breaks a safety rule then he/she will be reprimanded accordingly. Being shot by an airsoft gun is the equivalent to an elastic band being snapped on your skin. The pain is sharp but dissipates quickly.

Do you sell food?

We have a variety of snack foods and beverages available.

What should my child wear?

No special clothing is required to play airsoft, we recommend that you wear multiple layers as some shots could sting a little. Comfortable pair of running shoes. Perhaps a baseball cap too.

How long can my child play?

We do not charge by the hour, your admission is for the entire day. So for example if your child comes to play at 12 pm on a Saturday, He/she would be good until 11 pm. essentially 11 hours of play time.

Where can my child play?

Your child should be playing at local airsoft fields only. Playing airsoft at your local park or in your backyard is highly unadvisable! Due to the realism that airsoft has local police will likely be called in the event of such play.

How can my child safely transport their airsoft gun?

It is HIGHLY inadvisable to transport your airsoft gun in plain sight. Doing so could result in death. Always transport your airsoft gun in a gun case or otherwise concealed until you have arrived at your local airsoft field.

What kind of eye protection is recommended?

Properly rated ballistic eyewear with a full seal and rating of ANSI Z87.1 or higher are approved. A face mask or lower face protection is HIGHLY recommended as a shot to the mouth may result in dental work.

Ultimate Airsoft takes safety very seriously. Any infractions are dealt with quickly. Punishments range from sitting out a game and escalate to being asked to leave.

Ultimate Airsoft staff have first aid training and are certified. Should a more serious injury occur the paramedics will be called.

Rentals are available. In order to rent a valid drivers license must be left or photocopied. Should you not wish to leave a copy of your license then we require a $150.00 deposit on the gun in case of breakage.