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  • FAQ

    What Is Airsoft
    Airsoft is a modern combat sport and recreational hobby in which participants eliminate opponents by hitting each other with BB pellets, launched from airsoft gun. Participants typically use varying types of weapons designed as replicas of real firearms, tactical gear, and accessories used by military and / or police organizations. An “honor system” is employed whereby the players rely on each others’ honesty to admit to being hit, because unlike paintball, the plastic pellets do not leave a distinguishable surface mark. Depending on the muzzle velocity of the gun and distance from which a person is shooting, the person on the receiving end of the shot will usually feel the impact. However, sometimes the pellets will not be felt by a player at a very long range or when running strenuously, therefore it is important to have Marshals.
    Is It A Fire Arm?
    No. Airsoft guns are TOYS. They cannot fire firearm bullets nor can they be modified to do so. The internal design and workings are totally different from that of real firearms.
    How fast do the BBs go, and does it hurt?
    Stock guns shoot from as low as 100 FPS(feet per second) up to about 280 FPS. Upgraded guns can reach velocities of around 550 FPS. Being hit by a BB from a stock gun can be compared to a light sting. Not terribly painful, but still noticeable, even through regular clothing. At point blank ranges however, they can and will break skin. Eye protection is required as they will put out an eye.In terms of kinetic energy, the lighter airsoft BBs don’t compare to the amount of energy a paintball can impart. A BB traveling at 300FPS will only impart .8J (Joules) of energy on impact. A paintball traveling at 300FPS on the other hand, will impart 12J of energy.
    What is MILSIM
    MILSIM stands for MILitary SIMulation, a style of gameplay where players try to imitate military/commando situations. Uniform emulation is part of the fun. Players gear up (or try to) with the same equipment as the units they try to copy (Army Rangers, Special Forces, Navy SEAL, etc.). MILSIM also extends to the kinds of game played: instead of capture the flag, games are mission oriented (demolition missions, reconnaisance, raids, etc.). Other related styles include TACSIM, which stands for Tactical Simulation, closely related to MILSIM but focusing on shorter duration CQB (Close Quarters Battle) scenarios (SWAT style play). Yet another is COPSIM — cops and robbers.
    What About Cheating?
    Since BB hits leave no distinguishing mark, the only way to play is with HONOR. It’s a seldom used word in today’s world, but it’s crucial in our games. Contrary to the intitial response to this concept, players DO call themselves out. Most of the time, players are eliminated with bursts of full auto fire. A stream of BBs hitting and bouncing off a player is hard to miss for the player at the receiving end. However, at times, single hits may not be felt and are understandable — to an extent. The benefit of the doubt is always given to the target. If he/she can’t feel the hit(s), they can’t call it. However, here’s a tip for any player: If you even think that you got hit, call yourself out. That said, CHEATERS ARE NOT TOLERATED. If a player has consistently displayed this type of behavior, then the player is barred from playing forever. Robbing a fellow player of a legitimate elimintation is not worth it.
    What kind of protection do I need to play Airsoft?
    Full face protection is REQUIRED for any Airsoft sporting activity. Airsoft guns can cause serious eye injury and shatter teeth if unprotected. We also recommend using neck protection, elbow and knee guards.