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    Poseidon P1.7 EVO MOD1 Cerakote Grey Metal Slide Airsoft GBB Pistol ( Black Frame )

    Poseidon Professional Customizable Pistol
    Poseidon P1.7 EVO MOD 1 Airsoft GBB Pistol
    A Pistol that gives you the ultimate feeling of Straight~ Distanced~ Accurate once you own it Poseidon has fully customized the pistol to professional grade.

    The pistol includes:

    - Poseidon Cerakote Grey EVO MOD1 Metal Slide

    - Poseidon CYCLOPS Universal Front and Rear Sights

    - Poseidon Air Cushion Pistol Inner Barrel 97mm

    - Poseidon Striker Hop Up Chamber

    - Poseidon ICE PICK GBB Flute Valve System Red

    - Poseidon ICE Breaker Piston Head 14mm Red

    - Poseidon ICE PICK Pistol Loading Muzzle Spring

    - Poseidon Turbo Valve Polar Jet

    - Poseidon Ice Breaker Piston Head

    - Poseidon Barrel Exclusive use Hop-up Bucking

    - Unique S/N Number

    - Trigger spring and Gas Delayer have been reset

    - Semi-Automatic

    - Adjustable Hop-up system

    - Co2/Top Gas/Green Gas Usage

    - Capacity: 25Rds

    - 6MM BBs Usage

    Magazine Compatible: Poseidon / Marui / WE / AW Type

    Co2 Magazine can be used directly, WE / AW G-Series Co2 magazine sold separately.



    G17 is one of the most widely used pistol around the world for military and law enforcement. G17 has been the standard setting for a lot of units and created a particular value for a long time!

    Since POSEIDON P18 EVO has published for 3 months and win appreciation by her exterior and performance. Now let’s welcome P17 EVO hit the battlefield!!! All new avant-garde exterior and evolution internal. Glock Grey CREAKOTE coating, tactical mag-well and extended base plate bring a glamorous feeling but more tactical. Like P18 EVO ”No Best, Only Better”, POSEIDON Trajectory system :Striker CNC Hop-Up Chamber, POSEIDON Antifreeze system: Red Ice Pick, Red Ice Breaker, Power spring, Turbo Valve and new type Cyclops sight escalate the P17 EVO too. P17 EVO also keep “One man, One Gun” produce rule and “One Gun, One Serial Number” with memorial valve. If you are a die-hard fans of G Series, P17 EVO must be an awesome artist for you. It’s a limited edition!!! No matter for combat or collection! Contact to the local dealer and bring her fight with you quickly!!!

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