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    Ninja HPA Aluminum Tank ( 48/3000 ) w/ Pro V2 SLP Regulator


  • Build Material: Aluminum
  • Color(s):Black
  • Weight: 2.82 Lbs
  • Perfect For HPA Airsoft Rifle
  • Lightweight Design Makes It Easy To Carry All Day
  • Adjustable Regular Uses Shims For Adjustment
  • 5 Year Hydro
  • 10 1/2" x 3 5/8" Dimension
  • 1 3/8" Bottle To ASA Connection
  • D.O.T. & T.C. Approved Bottle
  • 48 Cubic Inch
  • 5000psi Regulator Gauge
  • 300psi Output Pressure
  • Pro V2 SLP (Super Low Pressure) Regulator
  • Includes:

    • Ninja HPA 3000psi 48cu Air Tank w/ Pro V2  SLP Regulator


    The Ninja HPA 3000psi 48cu Air Tank is a lightweight aluminum tank design meant to give HPA air users a more portable option while still being affordable. Weighing only 2.82 pounds, this is easy to carry in a pouch or backpack with a remote line. The smaller design holds less air than other sizes, but at the compromise of a small size, but with the addition of the highly superior Pro V2 SLP low pressure regulator, this is sure to be highly adaptable to airsoft rifles that consume much less air than other HPA ran rifle systems.

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