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  • MTW Billet Series Unleashed - Pre-Order 2-4 Weeks

    NEW PRODUCT - PRE-ORDER  (ETA Late February 2024)

    Contemplating getting the HPA advantage but don’t know where to start? The Billet Series Unleashed upgrades our most battle tested MTW with the Wraith X HPA stock and HPA tank for the readiest out-of-the-box HPA replica. A full billet aluminum receiver set with intrinsic alignment provides unrivaled durability. The patented independent nozzle and poppet of INFERNO Gen 2  improves BB seating to deliver reliable peak performance. Finally, the MTW-Spec platform offers countless customization options to make it your own. For players who want to step up into HPA without compromise, this is our recommendation. 

    The MTW Billet Series Unleashed is a new trim level for the 10" Billet that comes with a pre-installed WRAITH X HPA Kit (Regulator and tank stock) and 13/3000cu HPA Tank.  This is perfect for new-to-HPA user....No separate airline, tank or regulator needed.


    • Gen 3 Billet Receiver Set
    • INFERNO Gen 2
    • Spartan Electronics MTW Control Board
    • WRAITH X HPA Kit
      • STORM Category 5 regulator for WRAITH X
      • WRAITH X HPA Tank Stock
      • 13/3000cu HPA Tank
    • Premium Real Steel Grip
    • Empty Mag Detection
    • CNC Feed Tube
    • PTS EPM-MTW magazine with empty mag detection
    • Invictus MK-1 Rail
    • Op. Pressure Range: 80-140psi