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    G&G TGM A3 PDW ETU - MP5 Folding Stock PDW

    G&G’s TGM A3 PDW is essentially based on a H&K Mp5A5, a modern variation of one of the most legendary sub-machine gun used to this day. The A3 comes with a railed handguard, but the PDW variant replaces the collapsible stock with a fixed, folding stock. This iteration comes equipped with a MOSFET, is full metal, equipped with a 25K RPM motor allowing for performance similar to that of the famous G&G ARP-9, but in the timeless body of the MP5

    New ETU MP5 Series

    • Material: Aluminum / Nylon / Fiber / Steel / Zinc / Polymer
    • Motor: 25000rpm Hi-torque Long axis
    • Gear box bearing: 8mm ball bearing
    • Inner Barrel Length: 233 mm
    • Magazine: 200Rounds
    • Overall Length: 705mm
    • Weight: 2925g
    • Electronic Trigger: Yes
    • MOSFET: Yes
    • FPS: 380

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