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Fusion Airsoft Premium HPA Airline

Midnight Black
Neon Blue
Neon Red
Desert Sand

Fusion Airsoft Premium HPA Airsoft  Airline

These lines are made in Canada, fully sheathed for the utmost highest protection.  Not only are these lines super protected, they offer a new type of look. 

The wide bore line we use allows for a higher rate of air passage to help improve performance for demanding platforms or HPA tapped gas blowback platforms.  

  • Utilizes industry standard FOSTERS fittings.
  • Comes in with Dual Quick Disconnect fittings which are compatible with most Airsoft regulators on the market today! Redline, PolarStar, Wolverine, and more! 
  • Rated for up to 200 PSI. Do not attempt to utilize this for applications that require over 200 PSI.
  • Made in Canada


  •  Warnings and Notices!
  • Daytona guns require a specialty fitting due to requiring a higher flow rate on the regulator side. 
  • The line is NOT rated for and WILL NOT work with the Tippman M4