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    AW VX0110

    AW Custom is proud to announce the VX Series Hex Cut pistols, a brand new range of pistols featuring our signature hex cuts and hex porting to reduce overall weight of the pistol in addition to providing an aggressive gripping surface. Whether you're putting this pistol through it's paces at an IPSC/Action Air competition, or skirmishing it, this pistol will consistently outperform the competition, putting shots downrange accurately, and with blistering speed. 


    •  Armorer Works signature lightweight HEX-cut slide 
    •  Cut-off slide for reducing extra weight 
    •  Ultra-light recoil, and crisp, agile blowback cycling 
    •  Armorer Works logo engraved on outer barrel 
    •  Threaded outer barrel ready for mounting compensator or silencer 
    •  Luminous fibre rear sight and front sight 
    • Skeletonized polymer lower frame with stippling process 
    •  Integrated accessory rail for mounting flashlight and laser 
    •  Pre-installed Armorer Works HEX-cut magwell 
    •  Bottom of the trigger guard designed with two finger groves making it possible to achieve a higher firmer grip with the support hand 
    •  Enlarged magazine base for better grip while reloading

    Box Length: 319mm
    Box Width: 171mm
    Box Height: 51mm
    Package Gross Weight: 1015.8g
    Pistol Length: 200mm
    Pistol Height: 134mm
    Pistol Weight (No Mag): 516.5g
    Magazine Weight: 278.6g
    Inner Barrel Length: 93mm
    Muzzle Velocity: 360FPS

    Package Includes:
    1 x VX01 Series Pistol
    1 x VXMG02 Gas Magazine

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