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    This is a modern AK styled replica, that features a tonne of tactical furniture that not only makes it a pleasure to hold, but incredibly easy to attach all the accessories you want. Weighing in at 3.3kg, this is one of the chunkiest of these series of replicas. Manufactured alongside all manner of real-world firearm parts, it is expected that these replicas feel as close as you can get to the real thing without lots of licensing and waiting around! The external materials used are CNC Anodized Aluminium and Steel, meaning this weapon is up to the task of any abuse you can throw at it - although we recommend avoiding abuse where possible. Included in the box are two magazines, which is a rarity these days. Even rarer is the fact that one of the magazines included is a 300rnd high cap, and the other is a 30/120rnd select-able capacity - a welcome addition if you intend of using this weapon for milsim events where ammo capacity is limited. The front of the weapon features a solid Aluminium M-LOK and 20mm RIS rail system that allows you to attach a wide variety of accessories, and cuts down on overall weight at the front by not having a quad rail system. At the rear of the weapon you will find a CTR style sliding stock with multiple positions, made from a tough Nylon Fiber reinforced Polymer which feels great in the hand, and refines the whole shooting experience by providing a truly stable platform to shoulder your weapon - coupled with the micro switch trigger, you have a highly competitive replica. The RIF is top wired, therefore your batteries should be long and thin, and preferably LiPo. We found that the VP Racing 2000mAh crane stock battery worked really well when laid end to end. This is an ideal weapon for those looking to treat themselves to some top-shelf manufacturing and materials. If you've made do with a G&G Raider for your Airsofting career so far, and are wanting to make a major step up in quality, we highly recommend this model. The strap line on the box really sets the tone for us: "dedicated for collectors." This weapon was made with love for quality first and foremost, and this really shows just by holding it in your hands.


    • 2 x Magazines included
    • 1 x 30/120rnd select-able capacity magazine
    • 1 x 300rnd high capacity magazine
    • CNC Aluminium & Steel externals
    • M-LOK/20mm RIS Aluminium hand guard
    • Micro switch trigger
    • Steel fire controls with QPQ Processing
    • Nylon Fiber reinforced Polymers
    • Reinforced Piston w/ Steel teeth
    • PCP Grade Extreme Precision Steel inner barrel
    • 6.02mm 430mm tight bore barrel
    • 8mm metal bushings & bearings

    Package Includes:

    • ARCTURUS - S' AK-01 Carbine
    • 1 x 300rnd High Capacity Magazine
    • 1 x 30/120rnd Select-able Capacity Magazine
    • Instruction Manual

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