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    CZ P09

    Product Description:

    A replica of the CZ75 Duty, a Czech Republic pistol introduced in 1975. This great pistol features a metal slide and lower frame as well as outer barrel. Don't expect any fancy markings however as this one comes with non. Adjustable hop up and reasonably light weight frame make this a great gaming pistol.

    -Comes with it's own 24 Round magazine made specifically for the Duty version.
    -Polymer frame with a metal slide.
    -Kicks like a mule.
    -Tactical and slick.
    -A textured grip for better handling.

    Name: KJW CZ P-09
    Overall Length: 206 mm
    Inner Barrel Diameter: 6.08 mm
    Barrel Threading: None.
    Main Material(s): Full Metal slide, outer barrel and frame
    Colour: Black
    Ammunition Material: Plastic
    Magazine Type: KJW KP09 magazines
    Magazine Capacity: 24 +1 rounds
    Method of Operation: Gas Blowback
    Gas Type: Green Gas
    Fire mode(s): Safe, Semi

    Muzzle Velocity (0.20g): 
    300-300 with Green Gas.

    Hop-up: Yes - Adjustable

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