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    WE Hi-Capa 5.1 K1 Version

    The WE Hi-Capa 5.1 K1 Green Gas Blowback pistol is a competition grade pistol that has many features airsoft enthusiasts look for in a pistol. The Hi-Capa 5.1 is an upgraded M1911 style pistol that is prominent among players who also like to upgrade and accessorize their sidearm to make it a top-tier performing pistol. The WE Hi-Capa 5.1 K1 Gas Blowback Pistol Features:

    • 290-310 fps using .20g BBs.
    • Realistic blowback feature gives the hi-capa a satisfying blowback with each shot.
    • A 20mm under-barrel tactical rail allows the operator to attach a laser/light combo kit for low/no-light situations.
    • A 14mm CCW-threaded tip allows the addition of mock silencers and barrel extensions for extra flair.
    • 30 round high capacity magazine included, and also takes up to a 50 round magazine
    • Adjustable hop up
    • Full metal construction
    • Propane and Gas compatible
    • Functional beaver-tail and frame-mounted safety.
    • Easy take-down and reassembly

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