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Ninja 4500 HPA System Carbon Fiber Tank w/ Ninja Pro V2 SLP Regulator

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  • Features

    • Rebuildable Ninja Pro SLP V2 Regulator with o-ring seal
    • Regulator features 360 degree rotation
    • Ball Valve style regulator design giving 30% improved air flow over pin valve designs
    • V2 SLP regulator has 30% better airflow than older models
    • Low-profile, lightweight design made from super strong carbon fiber construction
    • 5 year hydro date
    • ASTM Safety, DOT, and CGA Compliant
    Ninja has designed and manufactured HPA products for almost 20 years. Ninja holds 12 patents in addition to manufacturing various regulators, fill stations, hose assemblies, and many other HPA products for various industries. Ninja is an active and contributing member of the ASTM Safety Committee and all Ninja products are proudly manufactured in the USA.

    The Ninja Paintball 68ci/4500 PSI Carbon Fiber HPA tank is a DOT approved carbon fiber tank mounted with one of Ninja's top of the line regulators. Every Ninja regulator is ATSM compliant (Bonnet Thread/DOT Burst Disk/Restrictor, Bleed Hole, and Safety Groove) and are made right here in the U.S.A. Ninja Regulators are hand crafted, factory tested and are known for the best performance in HPA.

    Dimensions: 11"L 4.25"D
    Capacity: 68 Cubic Inches
    Max Pressure: 4500psi
    Output Pressure: 300psi SLP V2 Regulator