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LiPo Alarm

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Firefox Lipo Alarm Board Li-Po Battery Protector B for 7.4v - 11.1v

These Li-Po battery protectors are a compact, easy way to prevent over-discharging your lithium polymer batteries. Just plug the lipo alarm into the battery during use and it will beep when the battery needs to be recharged.

The alarm is plugged into the align port (the white plug on airsoft li-po batteries) while the battery is in use. When any cell drops to 3.0v, the alarm will sound. Batteries have voltage fluctuation during use, with the voltage dropping slightly during current draw and returning to level during rest. This has the effect of giving you an advance warning when your airsoft lipo battery is getting low.

Pick up this Li-Po alarm to protect your investment. Small size makes it easy to tuck away with the battery, even with tight battery storage.

CAUTION: Please pay attention to the orientation of the plug. If it is plugged in backwards it will short out the board. Match the Negative(-) sign on the board with the black wire in the align port