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AVALON Series - the most cutting-edge product paragraph in the VFC Catalog. Its name comes from the island where King Arthur Legendary sword was forged; the birthplace of Excalibur! The AVALON line represents VFC’s movement to create the highest quality AEG series for the most discerning airsoft players worldwide.


The AVALON Series includes VFC’s Quick Response System (QRS) accessories allowing you to adjust the rifle to fit your shooting style; and comes with Crusader Tech tactical accessories which are friendly for both left and right hand users with rapid application.



The AVALON internals include the new ECS gearbox and a new strong magnetic motor to power the AEG, as well as a MOSFET electronic control unit inside for faster trigger response.



The AVALON series rifles include a match grade hop rubber, precision inner barrel and CNC machined air nozzle; all which give the AVALON AEG enhanced shooting accuracy at every engagement distance.


Special Features:

  • The ECS GearBox (Ver.2.1)
  • Knight's Armament URX IV KeyMod Handguard
  • Urban gray coating and laser engraved VFC trademarks
  • Independent Serial Number
  • Ambidextrous Magazine Release
  • Ambidextrous Safety Level
  • Full Metal Body
  • 14.5" Barrel With CNC Groove
  • B5 Type AR Retractable Stock
  • KAC type front flip sight
  • KAC type 300m Rear Flip Sight
  • QRS Conformal Rear grip with anti-skid textured surface
  • QRS Trigger guard
  • M4 Flashing Straight Trigger
  • Workable Charging Handle
  • Working Dust Cover and Dummy Bolt Plate
  • Maple Inner Precise barrel
  • Hard Case Included