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    ARCTURUS Karambit ULR PDW 5.5 Ambi AEG Lite

    ARCTURUS Karambit ULR PDW 5.5 inch Ambi AEG LITE (AT-NY05)

    It's the newest series of Arcturus LITE, in which the upper and lower receivers were made of durable nylon. Thanks to the nylon body, the weight and the price of the replica were reduced. Using the nylon, the replica did not lose its strength, because the socket of the receiver extension tube and a barrel socket with a thread for the handguard fastening ring is reinforced with a metal threaded sleeve.

    In this model, the magazine catch, bolt catch and fire selector are Ambidextrous. Thanks to this the replica is extremely handy and friendly for left-handers. The handguard features M-LOCK slots and a top picatinny rail.

    Most of the external elements, such as the handguard, outer barrel, muzzle device, fire selector, magazine catch, ejection cover, bolt catch, and receiver extension tube are made of aluminum and light alloys. And the whole was secured with an anode to protect against corrosion.

    Gearbox and inter parts are another advantage of this model. Features a quick spring change system and ball bearing spring guide and ball bearing piston head. Polymer piston is equipped with steel teeth that work with high-quality gears. Gears are mounted on 8mm steel bushings to be able to cope with the highest loads. Only the bevel gear is mounted on ball bearings to ensure that it is free to spin at high speeds. Inside we will find electric trigger "Micro Switch" that is connected to the low-resistance wiring, preparing the replica for cooperation with Li-Po batteries. The use of an electric trigger eliminates the problem of burned out contacts and improves the response to the trigger. The gearbox's finished with sealed nozzle. It works with a metal rotary hop-up chamber in which a hardened 6.03mm precision steel barrel is mounted.

    All materials and solutions used to create the replica put the company MOS in the airsoft lead manufactures.

    · 5.5" AR15 Karambit replica
    · folding sights
    · 340rd HI-CAP magazine

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