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    AMOEBA EFCS Advance Circuit Unit Rear Wired - Blue

    Product Details:

    • Name Designation: Amoeba EFCS Advance Circuit Unit Rear Wired - Blue
    • Manufacturer: ARES
    • Compatibility: ARES EFCS Gearbox

    Other Features:

    • Newly revised Blue MOSFET
    • Withstands 11v as standard
    • Resistant to Ampage and Voltage fluctuations
    • Programmable using the Ares Amoeba Electronic Gearbox Programmer EFCS
      • Safe - Semi - Auto
      • Safe - Semi - 3rds Burst
      • Safe - 3rds Burst - Auto
      • Safe - Smi - Semi
    • Silver Wiring
    • Tamiya Connector
    • Comes with selector plate
    • Precise magnetic sensors control piston position
    • Reduce stresses on spring, making them last longer
    • More stable muzzle velocity
    • Less battery power required to initiate motor
    • Onboard ABS enhanced piston piston positioning
    • After a cycle is completed power is cut to reduce battery use
    • Fully cycles after shots
    • Able to withstand rapid semi fire
    • Long trigger life time
    • Easy to adjust trigger stroke
    • Trigger can be reduced to 2mm
    • Super light trigger
    • Fast trigger responce
    • No maintenance required, not affected by dust and grease
    • Simple programming and installation
    • When the gearbox locks up the mosfet will cut off protecting your gear box

    Package Includes:

    • EFCS Control Unit
    • Spare Fire Select Plate

    Special Instructions:

    If you separate the two MOSFET halves and place them back together the unit will have to be reprogrammed using the EFCS control box before it can be used.


    ARES - Amoeba Electronic Circuit Unit for M4 - Rear Wired is a replacement or upgrade circuit board for the ARES Amoeba EFCS gearbox system. This is the upgraded 'Blue' mosfet, designed to withstand higher voltage and amperage fluctuations allowing you to upgrade your rifle or modify it for a higher FPS. The Circuit comes complete with pre-soldered silver low-resistance wiring and with a TAMIYA connector. The set comes with the tappet plate giving you everything you need in the box to replace or upgrade your pre-existing EFCS gearbox. Perfect for those with an original generation Amoeba system who want to upgrade their weapon without frying their board.

    • Upgrade EFCS Board
    • Replacement Kit
    • Silver wiring

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