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Valken Battle Machine TRG-M

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  • New shim-less ventilated motor plate with larger adjusting screw 
    Our new motor plate is a nice improvement to the Battle Machine product line. It provides the end user the following advantages:
    1)       No shim design reduces the number of small parts that can be lost during service and reduces the chance of motor adjustment from vibration during operation.  
    2)       Larger adjusting screw improves ease of adjustment by the end user and improves mounting stability of the motor providing better alignment. 
    3)       Ventilated design helps to keep the motor cool and operating at optimum temperature for improved life and efficiency.  
    Improved Gear Set
    Our new gear set in more robust for longer life and improved performance
    1)       We increased the primary gear thickness by 20% resulting in an overall 30% improvement in gear strength. 
    2)       Testing of all incoming gears was revised and improved to confirm gears meet this new strength requirement. 
    3)       Gear tooling was reviewed and updated to ensure the gear teeth are properly meshing and interfacing for best performance. 
    Barrel / Hop-Up Retention Clip 
    We updated the barrel/hop-up clip to a 7 mm size for the following benefits
    1)       More secure barrel retention
    2)       More secure bucking retention and positioning within the hop up assembly  
    3)       Provides improved barrel stability and improved accuracy
    4)       Better hop up engagement and improved hop up performance
    Barrel (CNC cut and machined)
    All Battle Machine barrels are now CNC machined and finished
    1)       Most accurate machining process for better barrel fit
    2)       Resulting in better barrel stability and shot to shot accuracy
    Improved Sling Attachment Plate Design
    Second generation of our molded sling mount plate offers:
    1)       Easier sling attachment of the most popular sling clips
    2)       Increased strength and durability 
    Upgraded shuttle switch and trigger assemblies
    Second generation of these items provides:
    1)       Materials were upgraded to provide parts which are more than 150% stronger and wear resistant
    2)       Trigger tooling was modified to increase strength and adjust travel to eliminate trigger wear
    3)       Improved trigger feel and travel offers improved Battle Machine operation
    Hop Up Adjustment improvement 
    Adjustments to the hop-up adjustment mechanism provide the end user with
    1)       More stable hop-up adjustment which does not alter from gun vibration
    2)       Easier to adjust and maintain ideal hop up adjustment setting